Our job is to help brighten your home and make your windows shine. Special care is taken before each window is cleaned to protect your carpets and flooring. Our staff prepares for interior work by placing large clean towels under each window to protect your floor. In addition our professional window cleaners wear hospital style shoe covers when working in your home. We always use bio-degradable soap and clean your window sills as well.

Burke Brother’s window and gutter maintenance is provided to serve you, the client. Please tell us of any special needs you may have while we service your home. Our vocation starts with well-mannered listening skills providing the required detailed craftsmanship while cleaning your home.

Our time tested cleaning routine has been pre-planned for timely service. Our approach to window cleaning is based on many years of experience with our team of four professional and seasoned staff members completing the job effectively and efficiently.

A Word from John G. Burke

As we embark on the New Year of 2021 it seems our world continues to become additionally busy and hectic. To maintain balance in our lives, the presence of order and cleanliness of your home is essential.

Entering our 35th year of service our dedication remains toward servicing you, the client, to the best of our ability.

Our Five Star services remain second to none in attention to detail and quality of work in a timely fashion.

Our mission will be fulfilled by your enjoyment of cleanliness and balance our company has provided to your home.

All the best in 2021.

John G. Burke